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75th Anniversary Commemorative Video of STM

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of St. Thomas More Cathedral School, watch as Bishop Burbidge, Father Posey, school leadership, alumni and students share the special attributes of our school.

Mass for the 75th Anniversary of St. Thomas More Cathedral School

Our anniversary celebrations look much different than originally planned. What remains the same is our commitment to the education and spiritual formation of our students.

In these uncertain times, we need your support to ensure that STM continues to offer an academic experience that prepares our students to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

As “God’s servants first,” our students are Designed for More. But they cannot do this without you. Please consider honoring our 75th anniversary by making your gift today.

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Please note your gift is for STM school.

STM is Home but HAPPY

St. Thomas More Cathedral School, Arlington student-led dance video to Pharell’s Happy. While eLearning due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, students wanted to show off their dance moves for a fun, spirited and uplifting video to share in the community.
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