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Principal's Message

A message from the Principal –

Welcome to the Cathedral school and thank you for your interest in our amazing center of learning.  We are dedicated to educating all children: mind, body and soul and we offer an outstanding scholastic experience for your PreK through eighth grade student that is like no other.  Surrounded by an intelligent, enthusiastic, highly credentialed teaching cadre, and supported by a dedicated administrative network, our students flourish in an incredibly positive learning environment.   

This year is one like no other and we have gone to great lengths to provide a safe learning environment that allows all of our students to return to our brick and mortar classrooms.  We tested our HVAC and water systems, installed hand sanitizing stations at every door, and sanitizing wipe containers in every classroom, lab, and office.  We positioned HEPA filter fans in every class, provided all students with CDC approved 2-ply cloth face coverings, outfitted all staff members with appropriate personal protective equipment and established a cohort system with our classes in order to minimize contact between students.  We utilize outdoor classrooms to provide students with fresh air opportunities while learning continues and we have a strict attestation process every morning that ensures that all students are healthy as they arrive at school.  The list goes on and you can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to keep our students and staff healthy.

The wonderful reward of being safely back in our building is the energetic atmosphere where students are able to interact with one another and reacquaint, at an appropriate social distance, rather than on a screen.  Though the international health crisis has changed our routines, our students still study foreign languages, experiment in science, create in art, program in computer science and have the option to immerse themselves in advanced mathematics. They are motivated to learn to their fullest potential, inspired to push their imaginations to limits never dreamed of and encouraged to serve others unselfishly.  

This is the place to be and you can discover this through a virtual tour of our school building, by perusing our website and by speaking to our parents and teachers.  You will find out that the smiles on our faces are based on a deep love for Christ, coupled with a joy of being part of the Saint Thomas More family.  

Come join us.  “Strive to Be More!”

Catherine Adams Davis