Protecting God’s Children


The Diocese of Arlington is committed to keeping each child safe from harm. Before volunteering at a Diocesan school, parents are required to attend a seminar, fill out the mandated paperwork, and allow a background check. Any parent/volunteer not in compliance with the requirements of the Diocese of Arlington will not be admitted to volunteer for any school event, including field trips.


Please find information regarding the Protecting God’s Children seminars here.


Please find the paperwork required to be returned to the Diocesan Office here.


Saint Thomas More Cathedral School values its families and sense of community. Per the Student/Parent Handbook, we ask for each family to volunteer their time and talents, for a total of 20 hours of service. This may be completed by volunteering at a school event, field trip, etc. or donating supplies to support one of the many school events. 


In the event of donations, each $15 spent is awarded 1 volunteer hour.


STM and our student body thrive when families take part in our everyday functions. Thank you for supporting us!