Required Forms

Walker Declaration Form - use this form to indicate if your child will walk to/from school.


In preparation for each new school year, St. Thomas More Cathedral School asks parents to complete a series of required forms, they are linked here for your convenience.
A single Google Form link can be accessed HERE beginning July 19, 2023 or you may complete it below.

Please complete all administrative forms prior to Friday, August 4. Any forms not completed before will result in students' admission to school the first day being delayed. Students will be unable to learn classroom placement or start classes until ALL requirements are completed.


Thank you for helping us make a smooth transition into the 2023-2024 school year.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

This process will take about 20-30 minutes to complete 


First, visit the Enrollment site at 

  1. Enter your student's unique snapcode, sent by the front office.
  2. Enter your child’s Date of Birth
  3. Create your Account (or if you are an existing family with a login, Sign In)
  4. Under New Forms choose Enrollment 2023-2024
  5. Follow the prompts, completing anything that is marked REQUIRED (in a box above the question). You will notice that some questions will require you to confirm what you submitted to the school via the Required Forms link. Thank you for this verification.
  6. Click SUBMIT.


Update Contact Information - Please note the following when updating contact information:

  1. Primary Contact - The first person listed on the contact page is considered by Power School to be the primary contact. This contact should be designated as Priority 1. 
  2. Mother/Father - Data for parents is pulled based on the 'tags' set in PowerSchool. Parent contact information should be listed first and/or second and have a priority of 1 or 2. 
  3. Phone Number - One number should be designated as “preferred”. Make sure phone numbers are labeled. We do not use the daytime category. If your home phone is your cell phone, please list it under each category. Only phone numbers listed as Mobile can receive an SMS or text messages from the school (please check the SMS box under the mobile setting). 
  4. Email - One email address for each parent contact should be designated as primary. The primary email will be pulled for the homeroom email groups and for the school newsletter. 


Birth and Baptismal Certificates - These have been collected through the school Registrar when applying to STM; therefore, families do not need to upload copies of the birth or baptismal certificates. 

Who Should Create an Account?

If you have never used PowerSchool, either at another Diocesan school or at STM, please create an account. This will allow you to securely save your work and resume at a later time, if necessary, using your email address or cell phone number. 

If you already have an account, please sign in to complete the form. You will use the same account to complete forms for multiple children.

What's a Snapcode? 

The Snapcode is like a key to your child's enrollment for the upcoming school year. You should receive a unique Snapcode and/or Snapcode link for each child. 



1. Do I have to answer all the questions on the form?

No, but some questions are marked "Required" and must be answered before you can submit the form. 


2. What if I make a mistake?

If you would like to make a change prior to submitting the form, you can navigate back to the page using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or select the specific, underlined field on the Review page.  If you have already submitted the form you will need to contact Mrs. McGraw in the school office at [email protected] or call (703) 528-6781 to make the changes for you.

3. I've completed the form, now what?

Once you have finished entering the information, please tab through to the last page then click "Submit”. If you cannot select this button, please check that you have answered all of the required questions and have uploaded the necessary documents.  


4. What if I have more than one student in the school? Do I need to do this for each child?

Yes. Once you hit Submit, you have the opportunity to add another child to PowerSchool. When doing so, you will need that child’s unique Snapcode ID to create his/her PowerSchool account. Shared family information will self-populate during your session.


5. I can't remember my login for the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Please contact Mrs. McGraw at [email protected] or call (703) 528-6781 for assistance.
PreK-8 School Supply Lists 
Supplies and materials are provided by the school as part of the books and materials fee. The Book fee and Technology Fee will be billed via your FACTS account for each child.