This year we are celebrating a milestone anniversary for our School community. We have many fun events planned for our students and an entire week at the end of April where will be celebrate MORE! Look here for upcoming details. In the meantime, if you or a family member attended STM, please contact Christine Hughes who is building an alumni database. Do you have photos or other memories you'd like to share? Please contact Christine.

The primary mission of the STM Alumni Association is to renew and foster the bonds of friendship among all former students and also to promote an ongoing commitment to STM’s continued success in the future.

Thousands of students have attended STM since it was first established in 1944. And throughout the many years of its existence, STM has consistently remained synonymous with excellence in Catholic education — an education that has proven to be a strong foundation for a successful and rewarding life for so many of our students over the years.

Now, all alumni of STM have a wonderful opportunity to become active members of the STM Alumni Association simply by signing up. No dues are required, but donations to the school are, of course, always welcomed and very much appreciated. Through a donation to STM, alumni can always help enhance the school’s professional, technical, and physical resources, as well as continue to enable it to attract a robust and talented student body. In short, your support can help ensure the kind of education our children deserve and thus position them for ever greater success in their future years.

Donations to the school can be large or small, but regardless of any amount of financial support, participation in the Alumni Association can, in and of itself, be its own separate reward. By staying connected to STM, all alumni remain connected to the entire STM community and share in its heritage, its history, its successes and its accomplishments. Sign up today and become a part of its future as well!

So let’s all start renewing old ties, rekindling old friendships and supporting STM as it educates a new generation of children in a Christ-centered learning environment of parochial school tradition.