Mission Statement




Our Mission is to partner with families to nurture and develop the spiritual, academic, social and emotional promise of each child in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church, rooted in Gospel values and led by the examples of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.



We believe that learning begins in a faith-filled, inclusive, structured, nurturing and safe environment with high spiritual and academic standards.


We believe that learning is a cooperative experience with parents, who are the primary educators of their children. Learning continues with students and teachers through self-motivation, self-discipline, peer collaboration, teacher direction, scaffolding, and support.


We believe that learning occurs most successfully in an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect which allows the students to question, to be heard, to experiment, and to take risks in pursuit of both spiritual and academic excellence.


We believe that students have individual talents, gifts, and abilities; each should be challenged to excel through differentiation.


We believe that children will reach their potential through teachers who model the love, respect and patience of Jesus.


We believe in appreciating our unity in the universal Church while we recognize, honor, and celebrate the diversity of our school community. 


We believe learning is a life-long endeavor bringing us closer to knowing, loving, and serving God consistently, despite an ever-changing world.