STM Band

St. Thomas More Band Program, 2022

Barry Ward, band director


Hello, my name is Barry Ward, and I am the band director at your school. Band at St. Thomas More starts in 4th grade and goes through 8th grade. The beginner band is mostly made up of first year students, whereas the award-winning advanced band takes students mostly from 5th - 8th grade who have a little more experience. The link below explains most everything about starting an instrument for the first time and includes a number of sections in order to help you at home. Mr. Ward will be meeting with students in early September. 


The sections included in the link are: a message from Mr. Barry Ward, how to select an instrument, and videos from involved parents and students. There is also a link to Music and Arts (Rental) Stores. 


Generally your first instrument will likely be rented, or you can purchase an instrument, but the safest route seems to be renting for the first year. In order to get started, use the introductory 2-month rental deal with a purchase of the lesson book, Essential Elements for Band, Book 1 (for your instrument) - Hal Leonard, publisher. A music stand for home use is always a really good idea as well. Many of these items can be found on the Music and Arts Stores (online) instrument rental site which is attached to this link.  


Take a look at the videos that are also included. These are particularly important if you and your student are only mildly interested in our program and playing in the school band. Playing an instrument certainly can add a lot to a student's day and is an interesting educational elective. The St. Thomas More Band Program has a long rich history of teaching students to play and perform. 


All lessons are at school and during school hours where students are placed in similar group lessons. A band is formed for end-of-the-year performances at school or for other venues.


Learn more about our program and the STM band here. I hope to meet you and your child this coming year.



St. Thomas More Band Registration Night is: Thursday, September 8th @ 6:45 P.M. (Gym foyer area).


All lessons start on: Thursday, September 15th,  8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.