Ms. Sheckels' 2nd Grade Class

Welcome to 2nd Grade at St. Thomas More School!        
    In 2nd grade, student continue to develop a love of reading as they improve their decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills.  Through our school-wide programs of "Daily 5" reading activities and guided reading groups throughout the day, we help each reader continue to grow!  In Writer's Workshop, students practice revising their own writing as well as working with partners for peer revision.  Genres include personal narrative, short stories, informational texts, how-to writing, friendly letters, poetry, and short reports. 
   We use the Everyday Mathematics textbook series, as well as other hands-on activities and projects, to help children build number sense and place value concepts.   Most importantly, students prepare for the Sacraments of Penance and First Holy Communion!  Science topics include Matter, Life Cycles, Habitats, Light, Magnetism, and Weather.  In Social Studies, students learn about Communities, Maps, Mexico, Canada, and Native Americans.   
   Second grade is a joyous year of learning, exploring, and building friendships!