Primary & Intermediate Grades


St. Thomas More Cathedral School follows the guidelines of the Diocese of Arlington Catholic Schools. The core curriculum in the primary and intermediate grades consists of instruction in religion, reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Students also attend weekly specials classes including art, Spanish, library, technology, physical education and music.

While building a community of learners, students are guided to develop a strong prayer life, understanding the fullness of the Catholic faith through the study of the Blessed Trinity, the Sacraments, Ten Commandments, and service to our church and community.

Differentiated instruction in the classroom is designed to meet student needs in reading and language arts as they work in guided reading groups, word study and writers’ workshop in the Daily 5 program. Students write letters, publish books, present poems and give book talks to share their writing.

Teachers instruct from the Everyday Mathematics curriculum to present key math concepts and build mastery of procedures with quick recall of facts, often through games, hands on manipulatives and verbal exercises. Use of multiple methods fosters true proficiency and accommodates different learning styles. Hands-on problem solving connects math to the world outside the classroom. Each grade of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum is carefully designed to build and expand a student’s mathematical proficiency and understanding. Our goal: to build powerful mathematical thinkers.

In social studies the students explore the regions of the United States, states and capitals, branches of the government and current events. Students perform science experiments, understand simple machines, study animal adaptations and observe conditions in their respective environments.

Students in intermediate grades grow in independence and develop organizational skills by self monitoring homework assignments. Teachers collaborate to provide students with meaningful activities and projects that help make their learning experience more enjoyable. Students can be seen presenting in language arts, making interactive timelines in social studies, working on string art in math, creating a Saints’ Hall of Fame in religion class and exploring properties of rocks and minerals in science.

The instructional program is supported through Title I, Resource Program, educational field trips, guest speakers and service projects.