Assessment Process With APS

At some point, you may be concerned that your child is struggling in school. You may wonder what to do. This page will give you guidance on how to help your child. 
1. First, make an appointment to talk with your child's teacher. Share your concerns and work together as a team to find a solution to support your kiddo. 
2. If talking with your child's teacher doesn't resolve your concerns, you may want to turn to other professionals in or out of the building. People that may be able to offer you guidance may be your pediatrician, the school counselor, or the school resource teachers. Reach out to voice your concerns. 
3. If strategies that are employed after talking with the above professionals do not offer results, it may be time to consider a referral for an educational assessment. 
Referral Process-
There are 2 options for completing an academic assessment. 
1. Private evaluation- If needed, the resource team is happy to provide you with a list of private evaluators that have come to us with positive reviews. It is important to include your child's teachers in this process in order to make this the most fruitful experience possible. 
2. Public school evaluation- We will work with Arlington County schools, regardless of where you live, to complete this evaluation. You will work closely with your child's classroom teacher and the STM resource department to make this happen. The resource specialists at STM will be happy to get you started.