Welcome to Mrs. Meehan's Classes

Happy Summer 2021!
While we don't want to overwork you during the summer we do want you to keep your mind active and engaged.
In order to do that, we ask that you work on some type of math review.  The best workbook I have found which coordinates quite well with our curriculum is the Summer Math Skills Sharpener.  There are specific workbooks for specific grades.  Below is the link for each of the reviews.
For students who have completed 5th grade math:  
Another option is the workbook for the middle school grades:  https://www.summerskills.com/product/basic-math-review-for-the-middle-grades/
Doing these workbooks is optional but students will be given extra credit when school resumes in the fall.  If there are other reviews which you find that you think are good, that's fine with us too.
Please feel free to email Nancy Meehan at nmeehan@stmschool.org if you have any questions!
Nancy Meehan, Brenna Hickey, and Nancy Johnson