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About the teacher

  • Florida International University
  • University of Miami Law School
  • Univ. of Virginia Curry School of Education
Job History
  • Over 30 years of teaching experience across the US and the Republic of Panama
  • Most unusual teaching job- a toss-up  between teaching GIs and Teaching in an Orthodox Yeshiva
Teaching Slogan
Do your best and God will do the rest!
Soft Skills
  • Adaptability( I'm a Navy wife)
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Goal-oriented
Super Powers
  • Finding and reaching each student's learning style
  • Beginning each new day with a fresh start for everyone
  • Listening to all sides of the story
  • Being part of a GREAT middle school team!
Interesting Sidebars
  • I love dogs and seals, but I am not a Panda Fan.
  • I am a sports fanatic, especially baseball, hockey, and football. LaCrosse is nudging into my heart.
  • I love all kinds of music, especially country music.
  • I prefer tea to coffee.
Greatest  Achievement
  • Setting up my classroom for social distancing learning.
  • Teaching HSPT camp remotely