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Birth Year report

The seventh-graders are exploring the events that happened during their birth year. 2007 and 2008 are packed with exciting events and it is great to see it from their perspective.

Thank you for a wonderful teacher appreciation week

Sincere thanks for the gifts and treats sent in last week for teacher appreciation week. It is an honor to teach at STM and to teach your children. The fabulous tote bag was the perfect container for the wonderful teas, chocolates, books, gift cards, cookies, and cards. I am grateful.

I will have an online review tomorrow, May 6, at 7:pm to review for our prepositions test.  This is optional, and your child is not required to attend.

Scantron and missing chargers

Several students have taken their chargers home and not returned them. This is limiting the number of chartered laptops for next week's Scantrons. Please check with your child and send in any missing chargers on Monday.


The seventh-graders are beginning their study of Prepositions this week. This chapter has six segments and should end on May 4th with our review on May 5th and 6th,  and our test on May 7th. We are also covering two units before testing in vocabulary. Students will continue to have summative and other assessments , so grades are not dependent totally on tests.
We will continue our  PAT time (15 minutes of outdoor time ) usually after mass on Fridays, to conquer the Covid burnout of being in one classroom all day.
This has been a phenomenal year, and I am proud of our STM students for all of their hard work and discipline to our CDC guidelines.

Catholic Education pays Off

My son, Rawn James, Jr. attended Catholic schools from K through twelfth -grade. It was our only constant in our Navy family life. I am proud and grateful for the education Catholic schools provide. Rawn was on Fox News Morning this morning. I have shared a video clip with you. He learned to write in Catholic schools!

Dear Parents,
On yesterday, the Ides of March, my daughter Ashley gave birth to a son, Merrick Wells Crawley. I will be out the week of March 22 to do my "Nana" duties and to welcome Merrick into our family. I have left detailed lesson plans and will be available via email for any concerns. Ashley and her husband live in Portland, Oregon, so please allow for the time difference. Thank you for your support.
Sara J