Welcome to the Library!

Taupe Scalloped Books Wallpaper BorderTaupe Scalloped Books Wallpaper Border
Welcome to the Saint Thomas More Library! 
I am excited to welcome students to the library this year in person! My goal is for students to enjoy reading as a pleasure activity, to develop comfort in finding library resources, and to find joy in books as bridges beyond themselves.
This year, the Library will:
- One School, One Book - Give families a book to read together as part of the One School, One Book Program with discussion guides and a kick off play. This gives students something in common to talk about and gives parents a chance to bond over reading with their children. 
- Battle of the Books - This is a book trivia contest for 6th grade students from all diocesan schools. It's voluntary, and we meet weekly to discuss the 15 books in the program. 
- Book in a Bag - Our Pre-K and K students will receive a picture book to bring home and read each day and then return to school. This is a wonderful way to build a love of reading.
- Book Fair - Keep your eyes posted. We will have a book fair during January's Catholic Schools Week!
Here some library resources: