Welcome Back to Brick & Mortar

Dear Parents,
Our orientations were a success and it was wonderful to see your children's sparkling eyes knowing that a happy smile was behind their masks. They just cannot wait to get back to school. And Brick and Mortar school resumes five days a week beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, with an abundance of COVID precautions and safety installations in place.  
We have tested our HVAC and water systems ensuring that they exceed standards, installed non-penetrable safety glass in lower level doors and windows, upgraded the emergency communication system, and provided our teachers with all necessary personal protective equipment.  There are sanitizers at every door, wipes in every classroom, cubbies and coat hangers for storage in every hallway,  HEPA filtered fans in all spaces, visual 6 foot signs on all floors, safety signs on all walls, socially distanced spaces, health attestations, school issued 2-ply gaiters....the list goes on as your children's safety is our priority.  It's going to be a safe and great school year!
So, a couple of reminders:

-Gaiter sewing sessions will take place on Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm; Saturday from 9:00pm to noon and Sunday from noon to 3:00pm.  Come and join the Howard family in the school library as they share clever ways to modify your gaiter and make it fit perfectly for your child's individual comfort.
-PowerSchool portal is open.  All fourth grade parents received an email with passwords so that you can populate the demographic information, and new families received an email so that they could enter information to the system for the first time.  Please contact Anne McGraw amcgraw@stmschool.org if you did not receive this email.  There was also a diocese driven email requesting the completion of forms.  If you have already completed these forms through Magnus or by accessing the STM website, please do not duplicate your efforts.
-All medical forms must be submitted before school begins.  Log into the STM School website stmschool.org and click on the Admissions tab.  Click on Required Forms and scroll down to complete the Confidential Health History along with other important forms.  It is also required that parents complete a daily health assessment through the Magnus Health app.  Specific information for this app can be located on the same school website under the tab for Nurse.
-Arrival and dismissal procedures have changed from years past.  Please refer to the STM website for instructions and a video demonstrating the processes.  As always please follow the direction of Mrs. Bauer and those assisting her with drop off and pick up.  
-On the first day of school, (Tuesday for grades 1 - 8 and Wednesday for PreK and Kindergarten), come to the blacktop by the gated play area for parent camaraderie.  Bring your own coffee and catch up with old friends, while meeting new ones.  
-This year we will continue to partner with Yay Lunch! for student lunches.  At this time, we will not be offering a pizza lunch, but we are hoping this can return in October or November.  Please also be aware that there will be no milk or juice deliveries as part of our safety procedures.
All the teachers and staff are so excited to start live and in person instruction, and we can't wait for you to return.  We are absolutely prepared.  We are absolutely excited.  We are absolute in our dedication to Catholic Education.
 Chat Soon, 
PS - Remember that last Spring, on our last day of school before going virtual I waved goodbye and said "See you on Tuesday".  Guess what, I will...see you on Tuesday!