Happy New Year!

January 6, 2021

Dear Parents,
We’re back and it is terrific to have the classes buzzing again, minds being molded again and friendships being kindled again. I just love to see the building alive!
I thank all of you who followed our parent pledge and continued to keep our community safe during Christmas break. I am crossing my fingers that we will have no need to revert to distance learning as we transition from the Holiday season, but we are prepared to do so should the need arise.
As a reminder, please reinforce our STM mitigation strategies with your children. Fresh gaiters or surgical masks everyday, maintaining social distancing, (even adults at pick up), hand washing/sanitizing, and limited contact with those outside your “bubble” will help us all get through this school year and continue the privilege of  brick and mortar education. Monitor your children’s health in accordance with our Magnus app and please contact our nurse should your child display any COVID-like symptoms. Nurse Burnside likes to say: “when in doubt, reach out”. She is in contact with the CDC, Arlington County and the Office of Catholic Schools and knows the policies and procedures associated with this pandemic.
It takes a village and I’m proud of the STM parent-staff team.
Chat soon,