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Youth Ministry at STM

As the Director of Faith Formation, my duties include both the Youth Ministry and Religious Education for the school and parish. Please don't hesitate to reach out to ask about your child's sacramental needs or to volunteer to assist as a youth ministry chaperone. Youth Ministry includes fun evenings hanging out at school or offsite for spiritual growth and fellowship, with different events aimed at middle and high schoolers. Parents are needed as extra chaperones, especially at offsite events.
I have been active at STM for over half my life, as a youth in high school (including WorkCamp) and as an adult as a youth ministry and religious ed volunteer and co-leader of the young adults. Making a career out of shaping the next generation of the Church was a goal of mine after attending WorkCamp as an adult. In my free time, I'll be deep into my next LEGO build while rewatching superhero movies, on a biking or hiking trail, or playing tabletop games new and old.
You can reach me through parish communication: [email protected] or 703-525-1300 x26.
Save the date! Upcoming Middle School Youth Ministry Events:
• February event in the works!
• May 4: BASH event at O'Connell from 3-8pm.
For your high schooler:
• Feb 4: High School Youth Ministry from 6-8pm in school cafeteria. WorkCamp meeting included.