The STM PTO is an organization that provides our community with many opportunities to get involved. We strive to inform and encourage our parents to participate in social events, increase volunteerism, and help raise funds for important programs and projects at the school.  
The PTO requests that each family give their time to the school in the form of volunteer hours. It is our firm belief that when parents get connected to the school, children do better. As the STM PTO, we want to give you as many opportunities — big or small, time-consuming or not — to volunteer.  We ask that each family commits to at least 15 hours of service for the 2020-2021 school year (7.5 hours for single parent families). We anticipate that families will be able to complete 5 hours from September - December 2020 and the remaining hours from January - June 2021. Families unable to commit to volunteer service can opt to pay a service fee of $225 for the 2020-2021 school year ($112.50 for single parent families). At the end of the school year, any incomplete volunteer hours will be billed as service fees to FACTS accounts at a rate of $15 per unfulfilled hour. If distance learning be instituted for a substantial portion of the school year, the PTO will consider waiving the service fee.