St. Thomas More Cathedral School believes that teaching Fine Art provides a variety of benefits for its students.

​Through art, children can develop an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the order and beauty of God’s creation and of man-made works of art.  Art is a visual language that can be read and understood by children as an important part of their response to beauty in God’s created world.  Each student is encouraged to fulfill his/her creative potential through the development of their God-given artistic talents.

Art instruction

  • Allows children to explore and nurture their God-given abilities.
  • Establishes a context for critical and creative thinking.
  • Provides a means to communicate feelings and ideas through the production of art.
  • Is delivered sequentially to establish a foundation for students to acquire knowledge and skills.
  • Includes opportunities for students to view, discuss, analyze and critique art.
  • Enables children to learn about the cultural, social and historic context of art.
  • Provides students with the opportunities to develop a level of technical mastery and control over materials by using the elements of art and the principles of design.
The core Elements of Art are: line, color, shape, form, space, texture, and value which are organized according to the Principles of Design: balance, contrast, pattern, unity, rhythm, movement, and emphasis.  Together the elements and principles constitute the formal structures of art.  These structures are used by beginning, intermediate and advanced artists according to their developing skill level.  Students learn about the elements of art and the principles of design, as it pertains to Art Movements and Artists involved in these movements.