April 24-28, 2022

Dear Families, 
It's Greek Day time! Our day on Tuesday will begin with wearing chitons (remember to pack a twin size flat sheet to wear over the PE uniform or wear the chiton to school. We will present the Greek plays in the morning,   enjoy a delicious lunch, and participate in Greek Olympics (STM-style) in the afternoon. Thank you to Mrs. Meehan for organizing this memorable yearly event, and thank you in advance to the volunteers coming in to help with lunch!
Trimester behavior conduct interims go home on Friday!
Academic News:
In LA, since we have just completed a grammar unit and we alternate grammar and writing, we will be working on the second draft of the Trickster Tale and hope to read them to our prayer partners on Friday morning (we attend Mass again next Friday, May 5th). Students will receive new Word Study lists on Wednesday. 
In Reading, all groups are reading Greek myths and building up their knowledge of the gods and goddesses and their adventures. 
In my 7th grade section for Reading, we are reading Part 2 of Margi Preus's Heart of a Samurai. Students should be reading independently, although from the number of books I see in the cubbies after school, I'm not sure the copy of the book is going home. We will have a vocabulary quiz Tuesday and a writing assignment in class this week. I generally read aloud and we work on question prompts. 
Have a great week!
Jodie Morgan