March 27 - 31, 2023

Happy rainy, cold, and drizzly weekend! 
Short but sweet update for this week:
1.) Dress down on MONDAY for being amazing 
2.) House shirts for WEDNESDAY (change from last week's update) 
3.) Stations of the Cross on FRIDAY
LA 6: The Adverb test is Monday. Students may use their note-taking sheet.  We're going to use a lot of next week and the following week for Word Study. 
Reading - Bluebirds: Three-paragraph essay on the stories-within-stories in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and a Red Thread writing activity will be completed before the Easter holiday.
Reading - Kestrels: For this novel, we are focusing on narrative structure and point of view in  Harbor Me. The students will take a comprehension quiz and complete a structured three paragraph essay on a character. 
Reading - C. S. Lewis - Last week we explored imagery and figurative language and are completing our blackout poetry activity. We will finish our book this week and begin a few nonfiction long passages from Content Literacy
I realize that is a REALLLY long link but it's a terrific resource so if you highlight and click on it, you'll learn more about this book!
Religion: We will take the Chapter 18 The Kings of Israel quiz either this week or next.
I won't be able to attend the auction due to an out of town guest commitment, but I hope you bid on some of the fun stuff I donated!
Thank you,
Mrs. Morgan