January 23, 2023 - January 27, 2023

Hello STM 6th and 7th Grade Families,
Welcome to our last week of January and the welcome breather before next week's Catholic School's Week activities and events. Since you'll be seeing communications everywhere from the school about CSW, this weekly update will be short and I'll include the CSW activities at the end.
Mid-Year Conferences:
It has been great to have personal check-ins with the class parents to regroup from missing the Fall Conference days, and there are still a few spots open for Thursday, Jan. 26th You have an in-person option in Rm. 9 or a virtual option. If the available times don't work for your schedule this week, I will open up some more times on Feb. 2.  The Signup Genius link is https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0b4eaba729a5f94-mrs#/
The blue behavior conduct interim didn't go home with the green sheets last Friday, so they will go home this upcoming Friday. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback from the information entered on the behavior conduct form, please let me know!
Academic Classes: 
7th Grade Reading: The students have an Immigration Slide Show for their selected country due on Thursday. Please follow up at home and see if you can view and learn a little from your student's research. A secondary assignment is an Expanded Plot Diagram based on the currently selected independent reading book. Realistically, the Expanded Plot Diagram activity would be due by Friday, but the class doesn't meet due to the early dismissal, so I will collect the paper copies or the electronic copies by Monday.
6th Grade Reading: We are reading Part 4 of The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean.  What a fun book!  We are reading for Cause and Effect and determining Main Idea and Supporting Details.  Ask your students about megalodon teeth and manganese, Wilhelm Rontgen's x-rays, Lise Meitner's work with Otto Hahn on nuclear fission, and the profitability of aluminum!  We are learning a lot while we enjoy reading nonfiction!
6th Grade LA: The students began an Expository (nonfiction newspaper article-type of writing) Writing project this week.  Beginning with their "wonderings", they are steering their "wonderings" into research and getting answers. They will form these into informational newspaper articles. My example has been "I wonder about the competition in the DC area grocery store market". My hope is we'll be able to put together a fun and informative newspaper!
Religion: The students took their Chapter 11 quiz today (Tuesday - I did not publish the weekly update on Sunday due to illness) and will begin Chapter 12 https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/lpress-craft/files/col2016-files/Christourlife2016-study-gd-g6-ch12.pdf We Live the Commandments Today.
Have a great week, and stay healthy!
Mrs. Morgan