October 24-28, 2022

Happy Sunday!  Enjoy this week/weekend, because it's THE HOLIDAYS already, according to the stores. In only five weeks, it's the first Sunday of Advent, so in my world, at least, it's still autumn for quite some time!!!!!
This week: Race for Education on Wednesday, and early dismissal/Trunk or Treat on Friday! After that, be sure to have Winter Uniform items beginning Nov. 2nd. As comfy as sweatshirts are, your student needs a navy STM v-neck or cardigan over the polo shirt. Additionally, if you are in Rm. 9, your safeties month is almost at an end and Rm. 7 takes over for November!
Academically, we are moving back to a grammar unit in LA 6 (Pronouns) and finishing the class reading in Kestrels and Bluebirds this week. In Religion, the students had weekend homework (Chapter 1 take-home test) we will begin Chapter 6 Abraham is our Father in Faith. https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/lpress-craft/files/col2016-files/Christourlife2016-study-gd-g6-ch6.pdf  Reading 7 has finished Guy duMaupassant's 1884 classic short story The Necklace theme essays, Ray Bradbury's All Summer in a Day, and will begin The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs this week. 
The House meetings on Friday were a ton of fun. The students are really getting into the spirit of the houses and gathering their house points. Be sure that on Thursdays the uniform is "spit-spot" as Mary Poppins would say!
Conference schedules will be going home soon - homeroom families only will receive a Google Meet link to sign up for virtual homeroom conferences - if you prefer a virtual conference, you may sign up for Wednesday, and if you prefer an inperson conference with your student's "other teachers", we will be in the gym all day on Thursday.
Based on a quick check-in call with my surgeon, I anticipate (finally!) that I'll have a surgery date soon. When I know, you'll know!
Have a great week!
Jodie Morgan