October 3 - 7, 2022

Dear parents,
Thank you so much for your patience while we enjoyed a pretty autumn wedding and came home to begin the round of appointments for this diagnosis. On a subject I previously knew very little about, I am gaining some expert knowledge! 
Classroom items:
Confessions: The 6th graders went for confessions today in the Cathedral. I was sad not to join them for this sacrament, but I know with sincere hearts they received their forgiveness and the will to keep growing in wisdom and love. They also had an 8 min. lockdown drill, which sounds like was a success.
Dress down days for Birthdays: Today the students who had summer birthdays or October birthdays could have a dress down day. The November birthdays dress down is on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd. 
Race for Education - October 26th! Our theme is (I hope!) Pirates. Our room parents will look into some pirate-y headwear (scarves, eye patches come to mind) that we can wear while we run. If you haven't created your PledgeStar account yet, it's easy and you can do so from the link on today's STM email blast. Any donation helps us on the leaderboard and helps the school meet it's goals.
School Reviews - If you can, please take a moment to drop a favorable comment on Great Schools and/or Niche. It's completely anonymous. I'll send the links to the room parents and they can email them to you. No pressure, though! 
Friday, October 7: On the 7th, we have a half day, and we'll be sending home blue behavior interims stapled to the green sheet. Please sign the interim and return it to school next week. 1/6th of the school year has whooshed by!
Safeties: Rm 9 is doing GREAT! Super proud of their hard work!  And just think of how few days they'll work in December...and how cold Mrs. Meehan's class will be in January...
Monday, October 10, we have no school, and on Oct. 14th our homeroom will lead the liturgy at Friday school Mass. 
House meetings: The next house meeting will be October 21 and there will be a Halloween Social that afternoon.
October 28: An early dismissal and Trunk or Treat!  
So, that's calendar updates out of the way, so what is everyone doing in class?
Academic items:
LA 6 is finishing the personal narratives and will begin Unit 2 Pronouns next week. The pronouns unit is short and fun, and will include the introduction of Word Study to the weekly lesson plan. 
Reading 6: Kestrels are spending two weeks reading classic favorites (for a reason) Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell and Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. In two weeks they'll flip books and read the other, and the Bluebirds are reading Game Changers by Mike Lupica. (While I am not his target demographic, I am one of Mike Lupica's biggest fans. He writes a great book that makes sports interesting on all levels!)
Reading 7: The C. S. Lewis group is reading from the short stories genre and learning literary terms and theme. Last week the students studied The Landlady by Roald Dahl and this week they are studying The Necklace by Guy deMaupassant. We will be moving to some other favorites as well, such as All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury, The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs, Song of the Trees by Mildred D. Taylor,   Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry,  The Possibility of Evil by Shirley Jackson. We will most likely read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell. 
In Religion 6 we finished reading Chapter 3, Everything God Created is Good. 
Have a great week!
Mrs. Morgan