June 6-8, 2022

A three-day school week?  Why was that again?  OH! I remember...Wednesday is the last day of school!
Calendar-y Things for this week:
Monday and Tuesday are pretty normal days. The students in 6-7 and 6-9 will have Junior Achievement  both days (thank you, Cate and Kyle Bell!) and a super-fun activity afterwards on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon we'll have a little end-of-the-year party in our homeroom. Most of their crate items will be going home between Monday and Tuesday, so it's a good idea to send a second backpack, duffel bag, or similar item to carry things home. If you subscribe to Yay Lunch, please check if that option is or isn't available for order; you'll need to be sure that your student has a lunch on Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday I'll collect the safety belts and check that their number matches the number assigned in September. Computers and chargers have already been collected. Mr. Chris will perform any updates and maintenance to prepare the devices for 7th grade. The laptops for 6th graders are brand new and intended to serve their academic needs through 7th and 8th grade.  
Wednesday, we'll have a nice homeroom time in the morning and then attend Mass together. Dismissal is at 11:30am. If your student attends Extended, please confirm if Extended is offering childcare that day.
Academic Things for this week:
Reading 7 will be presenting their mock trial for The Monkey's Paw by WW Jacobs. Reading 6-7 will complete their end of year spelling assessment on Monday and Tuesday. The LA 6 class period for both traditional and intensified is given over to Junior Achievement for the next two days, which is great for the students. In Religion 6 we have a few end of the year activities lined up as well. 
If you come across any classroom and/or library books at home, please return them to school. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Morgan