Tuesday, May 31-Friday, June 3

Dear STM Families,
This week will be pretty busy for middle school and Rm. 9. A few things in order of importance:
1.) If you have a morning safety, be at school tomorrow morning at the assigned time. I have our assignments and have included them in this email if I can figure out how to attach it, or they can find out tomorrow. If you have an afternoon safety, they'll be done after cones, etc. Good job on a year of safeties, everyone!
2.) The students have the end-of-year "House" gathering tomorrow afternoon. Uniform or house shirt is fine, either one, depending on your laundry situation.
3.) Our class is masked through Friday.  This includes masking on the bus to kayaking on Thursday.  So far, everyone is doing a great jobPlease pack extra masks in the backpack. 
More about kayaking in the attachment!
4.) Kayaking: A screenshot was sent home to parents.   *Note a change to the instructions: please have your student enter via the cafeteria doors, not Door 2. The attestation still needs to be completed and the staff at the morning Extended Care will verify that Magnus has been completed for your student. 
5.) The PowerSchool portal is closed, but we are busily entering grades and final redo's, tests, quizzes, classwork, etc. It might be closed for viewing to keep it open for the teachers' purposes but I'm happy to provide a score printout to your student to check their grades.
6.) I'm excited about all of the students running for Student Council! We can vote on Thursday after we return from the kayaking trip. Winners will be announced on Friday, so there is time. Voting is done via Google Form.
Academic News: LA 6 is finished with Sentences and we'll begin some diagramming fun and a few "carnival/camp" activities to review our LA year. Reading 6 is completing literary elements and characterization for Book of Boy and finishing The Inquisitors Tale. Reading 7 is focusing on The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs and prepping for a mock trial.  Religion 6 will take a Chapter 21 test on Wednesday during our second Reading period (house activity on Wednesday during Religion, kayaking on Thursday)
Have a wonderful, warm, sunny week!
Mrs. Morgan