February 7-11, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day Week!  
Last week STM celebrated Catholic Schools Week with fun spirit week-type activities. and now we're ready for the (only) 14 school days in February!  We will celebrate Valentine's Day in Rm. 9 on Friday, Feb. 11 during homeroom at the end of the day. Be sure that if your student is participating in bringing in Valentines, there is one for each student in the class! I will have copies of our class list to take home. With treats, be sure that they are individually wrapped. Thank you so much - Valentine's Day is so much fun! There is a February Birthday dress-down on Feb 9th and an all-school Red and Pink dress-down day on Friday the 11th. No school Monday the 14th (thank you Bishop Burbidge!) and no school next Monday the 21st for President's Day. (If you think your student is never in school, just wait until they get to high school.)
During Catholic Schools Week, we enjoyed the book fair (I never did get my wish list up, but I did go over and buy $250 in books so if you'd like to retroactively sponsor a book for our classroom, let me know and I'll give you a title and cost!), the Day by Day prayer service which was beautiful, lots of VIP and appreciation letter writing, and lots of dress-down days!  STM had grade-level collections to support the troops visiting Walter Reed's https://metro.uso.org/bethesda USO center. 6th grade was asked to donate puzzle books, pens, markers. Thank you to the Urbano family in Rm. 9 for donating a pack of pens! Another item we collected for the IHM Sisters, founders of our school, were the 24 coin markers from the Bingo game on Friday. More information about our IHM Sisters can be found at https://ihmimmaculata.org/. 24 nickels would have been a $1.20, 24 dimes would have been a $2.40 donation, and 24 quarters would have been a $6.00 donation. Thank you to those who brought bagged coins for Bingo to donate to the IHM Sisters.  It's never too late to donate to these groups! Thank you also to the Gliatis and Urbano families for sending in games to update our classroom board game and card game collection!  
Academically, we persevere!  February and March are tough on the kids physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as they feel stressed at school, in friendships, in sports, and with their grades. Please reach out if I can help. I continue to do reading checks, grammar checks, and vocab checks. (By checks I mean that there are no major tests.) Both 6th and 7th grades are approaching a few writing assignments. 6th grade should have a person to interview about a historical event. 
Best wishes for a happy, healthy week,
Mrs. Morgan