October 25-28, 2021

Happy Halloween, a little early!
In homeroom news, it was exciting to win the Theme Contest for being pumpkins!  We had a great time coming up with categories for costumes and while we were VERY NEARLY skeletons (they can use the theme next year!) our homeroom was an enthusiastic group of running pumpkins!  In other homeroom news, we will revisit Confessions this week for those who were not able to receive the sacrament on our last visit (due to time) and there is (GASP) no school on Friday for students!
Halloween Social: 
"Dear Middle School Parents,
The Student Council is hosting a Halloween Social next Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00. We were hoping anyone was willing to volunteer as chaperones. 
If you are interested in chaperoning please email your child's homeroom teacher by Monday. 
Chaperones would be required to arrive at the tents at 4:00. 
Thank you,
STM Student Council 2021-2022"
You may email me at jmorgan@stmschool if you are willing to chaperone for any amount of time!
Now, onto the less fun, academically-oriented information:
Reading 7: We have finished our Seventh Most Important Thing novel. Of 24 students, only 5 have turned in their paperback copies. I will be submitting the lost book charge to the office if it is not returned by 10/28. Thank you in advance with your help in locating the book at home.
If your student has any missing chapter notes, etc., or has grades on the chapter notes that are below a 70, they may resubmit them for half credit. Paper copies are always distributed in class while we work on the assignment, and if the paper copy is lost, it may be printed/submitted or completed electronically on Google Classroom by Nov. 1.  There is some extra credit that could be done as well specifically geared to writing in complete sentences. Many students did not write their responses in complete sentences, which leads to losing full credit on a writing assignment. Graded chapter notes can cause a Reading grade to go down due to missing or incomplete work. The encouraging thing is that the work can always be redone and resubmitted for half credit back. 
Reading 6: Last week we worked on Vocabulary in Action list 4 and will take the Vocab quiz on Thursday. This week we will be working on a story about invasive species through Storyworks. The 6th graders are currently being Reading level tested by Mrs. Stocker and I am forming their Word Study independent work folders. It's a big job, but we are dedicated to ensuring that no students are at risk of any learning loss due to COVID.
LA 6: The Pronouns test will be on Wednesday. The study guide (Pronoun Review) was checked in class on Friday and the Pronoun Challenge will be due Wednesday. We will be trying to get the last of those Personal Narrative edits completed (finally) and move onto diagrams and flow charts in writing.
Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Social!
Jodie Morgan: