October 18 - 22, 2021 News from Rm. 9!

Happy weekend! Seems like perfectly seasonable cooler temps are on their way (but not too cool!) Definitely time to locate the STM navy blue sweater! Keep in mind that the switch from shorts to long pants will be happening November 1. 
This week is the Race for Education! Everyone is excited for the big day. T-shirts will be distributed to those who ordered. Thank you for the participation from Rm. 9! 
LA 6: Students are working on pronouns. A midpoint miniquiz based on checked homework was given last week to monitor understanding. We should be continuing with pronouns through this week and early next week, bringing the students up to a Pronouns Test by 10/28. There will be an opportunity to earn extra points by doing the Pronoun Challenge in the textbook. I will post a photo of the Pronoun Challenge and Pronoun Review (classwork assignment) in Google Classroom toward the end of the week. 
Note: There is a Noun Retake offered on  Tuesday after school. If applicable, your student has received information on this opportunity. 
Reading 6: We finished Nine, Ten  by Nora Baskin and we might miss our characters and their stories a little bit. We also began List 4 in Vocabulary in Action. The Vocab in Action List 4 quiz will be 10/27. I'm going to attempt small group reading on Mondays and Tuesdays and work on monitoring comprehension. We have some Storyworks to begin on Thursdays as well. To recap for Reading: M/T we read, W we work on vocabulary and word study, Th we work on independent reading Bring a Book day and Storyworks, and F we study vocab and word study. It's a doable balance of reading skills and works well to prep the students for 7th and 8th grade.
Reading 7: The students are studying the literary terms for plot definitions and will take a quick quiz on them this week. We are creating plot diagrams for our recent book and will be completing two additional assignments. When you check PowerSchool and see missing chapter notes, they are on Google Classroom and your student should print a copy or complete them electronically by Nov. 1. (Confused? Send  me an email at [email protected] after you have talked with your 7th grader first - and checked their binder.)
Have a great week! There is no school next Friday, October 29th. See you at Trunk or Treat!
Mrs. Morgan