October 11-15, 2021 News from Sixth Grade/Rm. 9

News and announcements for Reading 6 and 7, LA 6, and Religion/Homeroom Rm 9:
Four days of school this week! I hope everyone enjoyed a breather and is ready for a short week!  Please take a look at your student's green sheet today (Monday) and determine if your student has missing work/has been assigned a detention. A detention slip stapled to the green sheet indicates missing work. If the work is completed, and can be signed off on by the teacher who assigned the work, then the teacher will remove the detention slip. You'll also find the blue conduct interim stapled to the green sheet. Review, sign, and return the blue interim to school by Friday, Oct. 15.  Thank you!
Reading Logs: The fourth reading log will be sent home this week with your students. Thank you for encouraging reading time at home and reinforcing your support with your initials/signature.
Reading 7: Students in 7-3 are finishing The Seventh Most Important Thing by Shelley Pearsall. This week they will learn fancy literary terms and take a quiz on the literary terms. This week we'll apply the literary terms to the plot of the novel and prepare to take an overall "test" on the book. ("Test" is in quotation marks because they have already done a lot of work on their chapter notes.) The students will also do a response to literature (that's code for an essay, FYI) over the next 10 days.  Most of the work will be on Google Classroom.
Please have the students return the book to Rm. 9 by Friday. If the book is missing/lost, please plan to replace it via Barnes and Noble or Amazon or I can bill the $5 via FACTS.
Looking ahead for late October/November, 7th grade will be moving onto Towers Falling, a novel by Jewell Parker Rhodes. During the 2nd trimester, we will work within nonfiction reading and study skills. 
Reading 6: Students completed their List 3 vocab words and the scores are entered in PowerSchool. Students may do definition/synonym/antonym flashcards for half credit and I have indicated that on their test. Now that there have been 3 tests, students have "figured out" how to study and are scoring well. If you are seeing low scores, your student needs to study more effectively. I also added vocabulary for our book, Nine, Ten, by Nora Baskin. Students should expect an assessment on Wednesday, based on their study guide from last week. The Nine, Ten book should be turned in by Friday. 
FYI: Based on the fall spelling assessment, I will be adding Word Study to our Reading class time. Parent letters will be sent home next Monday, Oct. 18, specifying how Word Study will work in 6th grade with the time limitations we have (for example, no cutting up/gluing sorts in class) and routines for work at home. I will also be adding in Storyworks (yay!) as this is a valuable resource for core reading skills necessary for 6th grade. 
LA 6: The students have been working on Chapter 2 of grammar, Pronouns. There will be a miniquiz this week on prounoun lessons completed so far. Miniquizzes are from completed, checked homework. They should be reinforcement of the concepts. Often, LA is a grade that students think is "easy" but doing well in LA takes consistent effort - a tough skill for a sixth grader to learn along with everything else!
There is an opportunity for a Chapter 1 Nouns Test retake to replace a failing grade with a 75% - after school on Tuesday, October 19. I have sent an email to students and ask that if your student plans to stay after school for the retake that you let me know what the arrangement is for pickup. If your student finishes and you are by Door 2 waiting, I will release them if I've received confirmation from you. If not, I will walk them to Door 2 (across from the Library entrance) at 4:15pm. The retake will be a Google Quiz format.
Religion 6: We will begin Chapter 4, Abraham is Our Father in Faith. So that you have an idea of what your student is doing, here is a short informational one-pager: 
I am also very grateful to Gilsie, Maria, Adriana, and Kyle for their leadership at Mass last Friday for the Welcome, First Reading, and Prayer of the Faithful. It is joyful to see the students on the altar and becoming confident in celebrating their faith.  I am also appreciative that Christopher, Adam, and Kyle are participating in Choir. Our Music program this year is awesome!
Have a great week!
Mrs. Morgan