5/23/21 Reading and Language Arts, 6-9 Homeroom

Happy Pentecost Sunday! As the cicadas hum outside, I'm always amazed at the cycles of life all around us - the cycle of our liturgical year, the cycle of the seasons as the "unofficial" start of summer begins, the life cycle of the cicadas, and now the cycle of our...school year!
In 6-9 Homeroom news, we have our kayaking trip coming up on June 3rd. Mrs. Bauer has provided a handout with information and I have answered lots of questions, as well as showing the students some photos from our past kayaking trips.  It is such a fun day!  Thank you also for the robust donations to our homeless man in the vestibule; he was not there on Friday, but his bags were, so we left our bag with his bags, and I let Facilities know that our donation was there.
In 6th Grade Reading, the students have been working on the facts/Inferring skill with a comprehensive article about the Titanic.  We started the next Vocabulary unit and will take the Vocab test on Friday. In a coincidence, we were studying figurative language with a Storyworks article on the USS Indianapolis, while we were reading the Titanic resources! So, evidently, we know more about the sinking of large ships this week than we ever have before.
In 7th Grade Reading, we finished The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs mock trial, and both classes returned verdicts of not guilty for Mr. White. We are going to finish the 7th grade year with reading Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. The focus of our reading is the literary device of "concurrent plot", as Samuel's parents are traveling one journey as captives of the British/Hessians, and Samuel is using all of his skills to find his parents. 
In 6th Grade Language Arts, we finished our Punctuation unit with a test on Thursday and started our fun Diagramming unit on Friday.  We've assigned a colored pencil color to all of the parts of speech - this should make the experience a bit more fun for the next two weeks! 
Have a great Sunday and week, and best wishes in advance for a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!
Jodie Morgan