2/7/21 Reading and Language Arts 6th and 7th Grade

Dear 6th and 7th Grade Families,
Thank you for an awesome Catholic Schools Week!  Even with two snow days (well - one snow day, and one virtual day) the students enjoyed a few of the dress down days, fun slideshows, treats, Mass, and BINGO!  We even went to Confession on Wednesday! THANK YOU for the Operation Turbo toothpaste donations!  
Homeroom Stuff: Please return the blue STM conduct interim that was sent home stapled to the green sheet.  (Speaking of green sheets - they need to be signed weekly, whether there are missing assignments or not!)   
Detention and/or Make Up Tests are this upcoming Wednesday, Feb. 10th, after school.  Pickup is at 4:15pm at Door 2. Check your student's green sheet for a stapled detention slip.  If the missing assignments are completed and signed off on prior to Wednesday, then the student does not have to serve the detention. 
6-9 is leading the school Mass on Friday, Feb. 12 at 10am.  All are invited if you would like to attend Mass with us that day! 
Re: Valentine's Day - we'll be planning for something that day but I am unsure what it will look like just yet.
There is No School next Monday, Feb. 15. (On a personal note, my second dose of the Covid vaccine is on Sat. Feb. 13, so from what I hear, it's great that it's the long weekend to recover!) 
Ash Wednesday is Feb. 17th! All are invited to attend Ash Wednesday Mass with us at 10am.
7th Grade Reading: Last week's snow brought only two in-person Reading classes in 7th grade, giving us the opportunity to review literary elements of character, plot, setting, theme, the pyramid plot diagram and complete a study guide for their books. Students should anticipate that (impending doom weather scenario permitting) they will complete their assessments on Monday and Tuesday. If you see a copy of Resistance or Touching Spirit Bear around the house or under a bed, please send it in with your student to be collected. 
6th Grade Reading: The 6th graders completed their List 7 assignments on Wednesday and took their Vocab test on Friday. On Thursday we reviewed the digital slide deck completed work and began reading Opinion pieces for our next writing piece: support for or against quitting an unenjoyable activity or payment for chores. Students get to choose and will use the opinion pieces to gather their supporting details. We will work on these on Th and F of this week. On M, T, W this week we will take a dive into nonfiction articles and practice various strategies into how we monitor our comprehension as we read. 
6th Grade Language Arts: Well - they can't say I didn't warn them that the Verb unit would be hard, because it is.  We're going slowly but thoroughly, with some opportunities for reteaching and reinforcement.  Since it's a long unit, I break it into three parts, and we're finished with the first third: principal parts of verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, and linking verbs.  On Friday we began the Verb Tenses chart for Simple, Progressive, and Perfect Tenses, starting with simple present, simple past, and simple future tenses. (I'm not sure if I can claim that I make grammar fun, but I do try to make it meaningful and not too fraught with worry, pain, and agony!)
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I hope it's a great day for your family!
Mrs. Morgan