1/31/21 Reading/LA News and 6-9 Homeroom

Hello!  Happy Sunday and beginning of Catholic Schools Week!
Academic news first, then general classroom information for 6-9 follows:
6th Grade Reading and LA, and 6-9 Religion: In 6th grade the students are working on the Verbs unit.  It is a long unit, so I break it into three parts to alleviate some of their worry.  The first part is verb forms and all lessons 4.1-4.6. The students should expect a test on Thursday. In Vocab, the students began List 7 last week and the biweekly Vocab test will be Feb. 5th. The 6th grade finished The Westing Game with a short, easy Google quiz and a character interview. On Tuesday the students learned about the Panchatantra, or "Five Books", which are a collection of ancient fables from India.  6th Grade will be moving to nonfiction text comprehension using https://www.heinemann.com/products/e06184.aspx
In Religion we interviewed a family member as part of our Chapter 12 assignments to compare/contrast "Keep Holy the Sabbath Day" as we learn about the Commandments. 
7th Grade Reading: Both classes have completed their class novels Resistance and Touching Spirit Bear.  Related assignments (poems, slideshow, online reading response questions) and a short Google quiz will be completed this week, and I plan to move onto Content Literacy/nonfiction lessons for 7th grade.  This will involve more reading with longer reading passages using SQ3R and making inferences/forming opinions.  7th graders tend to be very literal (and not very deep) in their thinking but love to make snap judgements - we will aim to at least make them evidence-based opinions and informed judgements. https://www.heinemann.com/products/e06186.aspx is my lesson resource if you would like to learn more.
Classroom News for 6-9:
6-9's virtual week went fairly well! Thank you for your help at home to make the week relatively successful for your 6th grader. Even with the no-electricity on Thursday morning they only missed two classes and were back for the 10:20am LA class with me. Missed classes were Religion and Art. Interims for the school went home on Friday so your student will receive his/her interim when we return to school.  
Please bring in a boxed toothpaste tube for our Operation Turbo donation box.
Crate Fines: At the end of the day, each student is expected to pick up his/her crate off the floor.  The cleaners come through each night and their efforts are to clean, not to pick up student crates.  When a student leaves at dismissal and doesn't pick up the crate, I have had to begin a "crate fine" of 25 cents to be donated to the Poor Box in the back of the Cathedral when we go to Mass on Fridays, because the task of picking up the crate falls to me or to another Purple Group student. Please ask your student if he/she owes a crate fine or two (or five) and bring in the donation by Friday. 
As I write this, the snow seems to have stopped, so I expect we'll be in school tomorrow!  Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!
Mrs. Morgan