1.24.21 6-9 ONLY 6-9 Classroom Updates

Dear 6-9 ONLY Families,
By now, you should all be aware that your students are learning from home beginning tomorrow, Jan. 25, until they return to school on Monday, Feb. 1. This week will look a lot like last week except that teachers (including me) will be teaching from the classroom. It will be quite a quiet room this week!
Students need to sign in and be ready for class at 8am.  Ready for class means in an STM uniform shirt, seated upright at a desk or table, regularly supervised or working near an adult, with no background, or a blurred background, and breakfast/lunch/meals/snacks finished before class. I'd go so far as to suggest that any phones, tablets, etc. are stowed away during class time as well. . 
In addition, we require cameras to be on.  Last week, this was a struggle.  We are required to enforce this, which means we have to stop teaching in order to ask various students to turn their cameras on.  Additionally, many students have multiple tabs open, creating endless opportunities to play games, chat windows, etc. Please have your student located near a router or an area in your home with stronger internet.  Sometimes we would be told that their internet wasn't working/cameras weren't working/microphones weren't working but we would like to fix these issues with the school computers via Mr. Chris. 
The students have ONE Google Meet link to sign into for each class, continuously, throughout the day. The classes are only 30 min. so our expectation is that food/video games/lounging happens in the unscheduled time, not class time. They really do need to move around between classes as well.
I'm happy to host the link for lunch for anyone who would like to munch and lunch together.  
If something happens to this link and it expires before tomorrow morning, there will be another one generated before 7:45am.  ANY link needed will be posted to the "Mrs. Morgan's Homeroom" Google Classroom page. 

Jodie Morgan
6-9 Homeroom Teacher
Sixth Grade Reading and Language Arts/ Seventh Grade Reading Teacher
St. Thomas More Cathedral School
105 N. Thomas St.
Arlington, Virginia  22203