1/18/21 Classroom News

Dear STM students and families in 6-9, LA 6-9/6-7, Reading 6-9/6-7, and Reading 7-7/7-6,
Where to start?  
Tomorrow, your students should be following the Homestead Studies, Day 2 plan on the Homestead Studies matrix. Where can you find this?  It is found on the right hand side of this webpage (alternately known as an Edlio page). The assignments are posted in each Google Classroom. 
What happens on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?  There is a Virtual/Distance Learning Schedule for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  However, Wednesday will look different, as 6-9 (and a few other middle school homeroom classes) will be participating in the Rosary Across America at 10am.  We will also invite your student to watch the Inaugural Ceremonies beginning at about 11:15 am until about 1pm. 
The primary communication from me to parents will be here on the teacher webpage as a post.
The primary communication to the students will be on our "Mrs. Morgan's Homeroom" Google Classroom page.  This is where the homework board is posted each (well, pretty much each) day. 
Good luck tomorrow, and I'll look forward to our first Google Meet at 9am on Wednesday morning, bright and early!
Mrs. Morgan