10/5/20 Reading and LA Class News

Dear 6-9 Homeroom, 6-7 and 6-9 Reading and LA, and 7-3 & 7-6 Reading families,
This week in 6th Reading, the students will be finishing two assignments (one is about Manners and the other is about the History of Soap) and taking their New Kid vocabulary and text examples assessment on Thursday. They do know about this and it is not a surprise. That wraps up our study of the popular New Kid book! The two read-alouds that we have coming up for more "work" are Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly in 6-9 and We Are Not From Here by Geoff Rodkey in 6-7. (We will flip the books in about three weeks.)  In Grammar we took the Nouns test and are now starting a Personal Narrative.  We'll work on this for two weeks and then switch back to Grammar again.  In Religion we have been reading Chapter 3, Creation.  The students have learned definitions and examples of stewardship and free will.  The Chapter 3 assessment (true/false) will be on Thursday.  In 7th grade the New Kid assessment will be on Thursday (again, not a surprise) and we will continue to use text marking skills.  Our read aloud, Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills, will have a few assignments over the next two weeks before we move onto Elements of a Short Story and Close Reading. 
I hope that the Monday holiday today was so enjoyable that it can only be topped with ANOTHER Monday holiday next week!  
Mrs. Morgan