9/20/20 News

Good afternoon 6-9 Families!  
What a glorious weekend it has been!  
Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day.  Please keep the clothing modest and seasonally appropriate!  Either gaiter color may be worn.

Our first 5-day week went well!  I'm really proud of all of the students with their adherence to and understanding of the procedures.  
There is some follow-up with a few things:
-Art Smock is needed: bring in an old shirt for an Art smock, if not already done.  Have it packed in the backpack, where it will stay between Art classes.  
-Reusable water bottle: the water fountains are for refilling water bottles.  Last week we had a number of students who did not have a water bottle.  What to do?  If possible, put an extra empty water bottle in the backpack to keep in there for a time when the regular water bottle is forgotten.  
-Book from home: During dismissal, the students are encouraged to work on homework, draw, or read.  The classroom is filled with books, but at the end of the day, a book from home might be welcome as your student awaits their color group to be called.  A drawing book, favorite book, puzzle book, etc. may be helpful to bridge the waiting time between 3:05 until your student's dismissal group is called. 
-Uniform sweater: The Middle School requires a navy blue uniform sweater.  The classrooms are a consistent 73 degrees in  keeping with the RAMP guidelines, and it can be chilly off and on when the a/c is intermittently blowing.  Your student needs to have an STM uniform sweater, not a sweatshirt or hoodie, if he/she is chilly in the classroom.  The sweatshirts/hoodies are fine for outside but can't be worn in the classroom.  If your student's is on order and hasn't arrived yet, please send me an email so that I am aware.
-Mass: We have attended two Masses in the Cathedral, and considering that some students haven't been in-person for Mass in quite some time, they're doing remarkably well and appear very happy to be back in the Cathedral!  Please feel welcome to join us at the 10am Mass on Fridays.  6-9 sits to the right of the altar toward the back, behind 8th grade.  We are one student per kneeler, so if you can join us, we'd love to have your socially-distanced presence!  
-Technology Loan Agreement and Acceptable Use Agreement- both of these documents need to be signed and returned before your student can take the laptop home.  We'd like to get all of the forms completed by Sept. 25.  The Tech Loan form was a hard copy with your student's school laptop serial number, and the Acceptable Use form was a Google Form, which automatically registers your completion.  If I don't have one or both, I'll send a quick email reminder.  
-Communication - Make sure you're getting the Wednesday email from the school!  I am on the mailing list and mine consistently goes to junk mail folder, so I have to open that folder each week to view the Wednesday email.  In addition to the Wednesday email, the "postcards" with quick, current updates go there (for me) as well.  Let me know if you're having trouble with receiving emails, etc.  The email list I am using for the weekly news is based on the emails provided on the orange Homeroom Letter.
-6-9 Reading- Mrs. O'Rourke is READY to come back to school and get busy with Reading for 6-9!  The students in 6-9 can expect to see her tomorrow!
Thank you for all you are doing at home to keep your students safe and healthy.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Morgan
Jodie Morgan
6-9 Homeroom Teacher
Sixth Grade Reading and Language Arts/ Seventh Grade Reading Teacher
St. Thomas More Cathedral School
105 N. Thomas St.
Arlington, Virginia  22203