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Lucia Loveland

CYO Commissioner


STM Basketball season starts with practices as early as October and ends with the Championships in March.  Come shoot the ball and dribble past some of our local rivals.  Our program has a long standing success in both the boys and girls teams over the years. Be proud o play for our school from 3rd Grade Beginner to 8th Grade Varsity!

CYO Basketball Announcement

At this time, we are opening registration for basketball to get a firm commitment from those who want  to play in CYO basketball – IF WE HAVE A SEASON. The CYO has not yet made a decision as to whether  there will in fact be a basketball season and, if so, what that season will look like. There is a ton of back office planning happening right now by the CYO at the diocese level and, as part of that effort, we need  to let them know how many teams STM would have IF WE HAVE A SEASON.  

To that end, registration has been opened on Sports Pilot. If you want your child(ren) to play CYO  basketball this season, YOU MUST REGISTER IN SPORTS PILOT BY MIDNIGHT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22 via  this link: 

This is not an indication that we are going to have a season for all grades, or any grades at all, but is a  necessary step to determine whether or not we can play. These registrations are critical as they will give  CYO at the Diocese level more concrete numbers with which to work in terms of gym space  assignments, and in turn will determine how many teams will be able to participate and how many  games those teams will be able to have.  

I do thank those of you who emailed me with interest already – that was a helpful step in this  complicated process – but that is separate from this request, which now requires additional action on  your part.  

To hopefully help in making your decision, please note the following:  

  1. Minimum team size is 10 players (in previous years it had been 8). In an effort to get as many  teams as possible the opportunity to play, CYO is increasing team size. This may impact playing  time.  
  2. The starting goal is to give each team at least 5 games (this is a goal, not a guarantee). The hope  is to have more but that is the tentative starting point.  
  3. To manage game times to ensure there are as many game slots as possible, the following  restrictions will be placed:  
  4. Games will be a maximum of one hour.  
  5. There will be no overtime for any games.  
  6. Games must start on time and there will be very little warm-up time prior to the start of  the game so there may be a need to warm up outside.  
  7. Next game up cannot enter the gym until the prior game has completely vacated so  there may be wait times outside or in the car.  
  8. There will be no make up games scheduled for any reason (weather, COVID-related reasons,  etc).  
  9. There will be no end of season tournaments for any grade. As of now, that includes 8th grade but  that may change (and there is a strong hope that 8th graders will indeed get a tourney).  6. Driving distances may be increased based on gym availability. 
  10. COVID-related requirements:  
  11. All coaches, spectators and visitors are required to wear masks at all times while inside  the school buildings. This includes parents who volunteer to be officials at the scorers  table and is enforced for all regardless of vaccination status.  
  12. Student athletes are required to wear masks while on the bench. The strong preference  is to keep them on while playing.  
  13. The COVID risk acknowledgment is a required form that must be submitted prior to a  student athlete participating in any practices or games.  
  14. Anyone who has symptoms of, has tested positive for, or has been exposed to COVID-19  must follow the appropriate guidelines for quarantine or isolation.  
  15. Additional guidance/requirements may be provided/enforced at any time during the  season.  
  16. Costs:  
  17. The per-player registration fee has been $90 for all grades in the past. This may be  tweaked depending on the actual composition of the season but please use that  number as a baseline figure for now.  
  18. Depending on the number of teams, we may look to have players purchase their own  uniforms. This would be an additional cost (not included in the registration fee). The  ballpark price for uniforms is $75 per player. This is not yet confirmed but I wanted to  put that on your radar. The uniforms would be owned by the player and may be used  year-over-year for the duration of the player’s CYO career (for as long as they fit). If we  do not have every grade playing this year, we can use the STM uniforms we have had in  the past (at no additional cost to the players).  
  19. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AT THIS TIME. You must select a method of payment when  you complete your registration in Sports Pilot and the system will reflect an automated  message saying that your FACTS account will be charged but please be assured, there  will be no charges made until things are locked and loaded.  

I thank everyone for their patience as we continue to sort this out. Basketball is always complicated to  set up but with the added challenges due to COVID, I cannot begin to explain just how extremely  difficult this process is. While every little step towards getting our kids back on the court raises hopes, I  must continue to stress that there are no guarantees as of yet. It’s been a difficult line to toe in terms of  needing to gauge interest versus raising hopes that may be dashed.  

Again, if your child(ren) would like to play basketball, with every finger and toe crossed that we can,  YOU MUST REGISTER IN SPORTS PILOT BY MIDNIGHT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22. You will not be charged at  this time but this is a commitment to play if we do have a season. 

Please email me with any questions at  

Thank you, and GO ROYALS! 


All 3rd-8th graders are invited to join the cross country running team.  The practices will be held on weekend mornings at Abingdon Elementary School or at STM in the parking lot.  There may be one or two practices on trails.  Practice is once weekly for one hour.  Virtus trained parents are needed to assist with practice and those hours may be used for your required annual volunteer hours for the school.  Runners need to wear comfortable running attire and shoes for practice.  BRING WATER.

The distances for the meet are as follows:

  • 3rd-4th Grade – 1K
  • 5th-6th Grade – 2K
  • 7th-8th Grade – 3K

The meet is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in November at Burke Lake Park.  Practices will usually be on Saturdays at 9am.

There are 3 forms on the STM website that need to be filled out.  Additionally, there is a $10 participation fee payable to STM CYO.  Please either return to the school office or bring to the first practice.

If your child is in 4th-8th grade and is interested in playing tennis, please review the information below.  All forms must bee completed prior to or during our first practice.

You may also send forms and fee through the schools office to STMCYO Tennis.

Make checks payable to STM CYO.

Turn in Registration Form with the fee of $60.00 per first player and $30.00 for each additional player within a family to STMCYO to the school office.

We are in need of coaches for tennis.

We will have a meeting with the children and parents prior to the first practice.  All parents are asked to attend the early portion of practice for this meeting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Matches for tennis players in grades 4-8 are generally held on Sunday afternoons.  There will be scheduled matches over Columbus Day Holiday Weekend.  The schedule has yet to be set, but please note: Sundays between 12:30-5pm are potential times.  We assume you will play in each scheduled match unless we are notified otherwise.  Team rosters will be drown up with extra effort so that we do not forfeit any matches; hence your information is critical now.  Please let us know which, if any, of the Sunday Matches you may have a conflict.

All 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls are welcome to join track. Practice is on Saturdays. STM’s Spring Track Meet will be tentatively held the first weekend in May at a location TBD. The 5-8th graders compete on Saturday and the 3-4th graders on Sunday. Please fill out the participation form, medical form, and the permission and release form. All 3 forms are found below. Please turn in your forms and $10 participation fee by the first practice. Practice will be announced after signup is completed.

If you are interested in participating, please return 3 forms plus $10.00. Forms required are the medical form, permission and release form (track), and sign up form. All forms and fees need to be turned in before the first practice!

Attention STM parents CYO is proceeding with plans for a Spring Girls Volleyball season.

If STM is to enter teams we need coaches (then Players) ASAP. CYO/STM will have 3 leagues: a 3rd/4th Grade, a 5th/6th Grade, and a 7th/8th grade.

There is going to be a coaches meeting soon so we need volunteers ASAP.

Please email Lucia Loveland, CYO Commissioner, via if you are interested in coaching, as soon as possible!

Timeline for games:

End of March/Beginning of April – Matches will begin, and will be played on weekends. We have already identified some gym sites to hold matches, and will be finalizing the final list of match sites soon.

If you are interested in fielding teams, please let Lucia Loveland know as soon as possible.