Clinic Communications

Please partner with us to keep our STM community healthy.

If your child is exhibiting any signs of illness that seem like more than just the sniffles please ensure that they're ready to return to school by talking to your healthcare provider for advice on action you should take prior to their return to school. Several illnesses have popped-up over the past couple of weeks, which is to be expected upon returning to school, but we'd appreciate everyone doing their part to keep students and staff healthy as we start a new year of learning. 


Does your child typically have Fall allergies? If so, now may be a good time to chat with your provider about an allergy regime to keep them feeling well as the seasons change. It is important to note that some allergy medications take a few weeks to reach maximum efficacy. If your child already has a prescribed allergy regime now is a good time to review when you typically start your child’s fall regime.

 Any questions regarding specific illness and return to school parameters can be directed to the clinic at [email protected].