Clinic Communications

We are not a nut-free school and this includes all areas of the school including classrooms. It is important that EVERY student at STM, understand that it is STM policy that there is to be no sharing of food, not just students with food allergies. STM nurses have been to all lunch periods during the first week of school to review this important rule and have even made some classroom visits to the younger grades to review this topic. We have notices posted outside of classrooms that have students with food allergies as a reminder for staff and room parents to proceed with caution when offering snacks for celebrations. Please review this very important rule with your child(ren) at home. We want to raise good community citizens who care for and are cognizant of others needs. 
While you are reviewing this rule with your children at home, please be very sure to include that no food challenges are allowed at school. Only food that offers your child nourishment for the school day is allowed to be brought into school. No food item (ie. One Chip Challenge) that has warnings against consumption is allowed on school property. If clarification is needed regarding the aforementioned, please reach out as indicated below.  
If you have any questions regarding this policy please reach out to [email protected].  
Hungry Tummies
We are seeing lots of hungry tummies in the clinic claiming they didn't eat breakfast, didn't like their snack, didn't have a snack, their banana was smushy...the list goes on! As a parent, I know the struggle is real. However, as we all know, it's hard to focus when we're hungry or not eating well-balanced meals. Please try to ensure that your student is having a well-balanced breakfast (complex carbohydrate paired with a low-fat protein is ideal). When it comes to snack and lunch, please ensure that you are packing items that travel well and will be appealing to your child at school at the time of day they are eaten. As a mom of picky eaters, I know it's tough.  We are all just doing our best! This article has some great suggestions if you're feeling stuck:
Important Reminder: Please pack a water bottle for your student EVERY day.
The students are given plenty of opportunities to drink water throughout the day. Drinking water will allow for students to feel fuller throughout the day and will help to avoid "hungry" tummy aches. Having water bottles will also help students to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day at school to avoid headaches. etc. and will give them a good start on hydration for all their after school activities.