Morning Car Line

Dear Parents,
In the morning, please do not let your kids open their own car doors. Please wait for a 6th Grade Safety or staff member to open the door.
The exception is Middle Schoolers. Middle schoolers may open their own doors and get out. For 5th grade and down, please wait for a Safety.
This helps us watch your little ones and ensure they come safely through the car line, and it helps keep the cars moving smoothly through.
Kinder and Pre-K Note: The Safeties or 7th/8th grade helpers will hold their hand to the flag pole where a kinder-helper 7th/8th grader will walk them to their classrooms. 
Thank you so much for your help! It is an honor to partner with you to teach your children, and safety is the foundation of what we do here. Thank you also for your patience as this new group of Pre-K, Kindergarteners, and Safeties all learn the roles and routine of morning arrival.
Stephanie Pacheco & Jimmy Brown