Clinic Communications

Finishing the Year Strong
While we are very close to the finish line of the school year, please remember to check in on the lunches your students may be packing themselves. Heavily processed foods, especially energy drinks and foods that are designed to be as spicy as possible can lead to sluggish afternoons and even vomiting.
Forms for 2023-24
Late breaking news from the diocese is that our forms for individuals needing asthma action plans or food anaphylaxis plans have changed slightly. We will post the updated forms on the STM website.
New Nurse Needed
With Mrs. Burnside's departure at the end of this school year, we are seeking a part time nurse to start in late August. Do you know an experienced RN or LPN looking for a part time position working with children? Please refer them to STM! They can reach the clinic at [email protected] for more information.