Clinic Communications

Name that Organ
The clinic door is decorated for the "Time to Bloom" door decorating contest (see the parent Facebook page for pictures). The clinic door is decorated with flowers and a picture of a pancreas, a kidney, a liver, intestines, a brain, a skull, a heart, a stomach, and lungs. Students have the chance to submit their answers as to which organ is which. Students who got all answers correct will be announced Friday. The kids are very excited to play along!
To the parents, kids, and staff who have made us feel so special on School Nurses Day (today!): thank you for your TLC but especially thank you for sharing your kiddos with us each day. Many of the students wrote us heartfelt cards. As nurses we love to hang on to the cards and letters "patients" give us, whether in the hospital or at school. It is an honor to get to partner with you in making our school community a healthy and safe place!