Clinic Communications

Pollen and Allergies
So many of our school friends are suffering greatly with these high pollen counts. If your kiddo is complaining of itchy eyes, a runny nose, sore throat, or upset stomach, consider checking in with your care provider for advice on the best way to manage allergies. While the clinic does carry Tylenol and Motrin (for use only under explicit directions from a parent or health care provider), our only allergy medications available in our clinic stock are Benadryl and an emergency only EpiPen. Benadryl is not a great medication to give during the school day for seasonal allergy symptoms because of its many side effects. Many kids are finding the symptoms of red itchy eyes to be especially distracting. There are many medications that can be used at home to manage all of these symptoms, but also consider having your child shower before bed each night, make sure they are wearing a clean uniform shirt each day, and students with longer hair can pull their hair back so pollen doesn't linger near their faces during the school day.
2023-2024 Forms Due July 15
Please be mindful that school forms for the next school year are due July 15, 2023. The majority of forms are available electronically and are for parent completion. One nice feature of Magnus is that it retains your contact information from year to year. However, if your work phone number has changed since you set up your Magnus account, please take care to update it in Magnus. While we will try to reach parents at their cell phones first most of the time, sometimes that is not an available option. The current forms will "expire" on the last day of school for this year, so you can set a calendar reminder now and get a jump start. Please do not try to complete forms for next year prior to the last day of this school year.