Thank You

To the STM School Community:  
Nahla Mangurat cannot thank you enough for the kind and thoughtful way that you stood by her family after her mother (Sandrine) became critically ill while she was 34 weeks pregnant. 
On a short notice, you gave the family a shoulder to assure that everything will be ok. Indeed, God answered the prayers for Sandrine and baby Myla Grace Mangurat. Symbolically, Sandrine was discharged from hospital on Good Friday 04/07/2023 around 2p. She is on bed rest at home and is recovering well while receiving medical therapy (speech, OT, PT and nursing). Baby Myla Grace turned 1 month old on 04/12/2023. She blends very well and quickly with the rest of the family. 
The gratitude towards God and the STM School community gives the Mangurats family joy to bring hope to others. From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU.     
Luc Mangurat