Clinic Communications

Timely Pickup Reminder
Per STM School Policy, families must pick students up within 90 minutes of a call for a health related dismissal. Please plan ahead when commitments might make parents/guardians unable to pick up a student in a timely manner. This helps ensure sick or injured students feel safe and cared for, potential for spread of illness is limited, and allows school personnel to return to regular duties quickly.
Don't Forget the Sunscreen!
Whether your spring break plans involve traveling to a beach, hiking in the mountains, or catching up on seasonal yard work at home, make sure you are keeping sun safety in mind. Follow the directions on your sunscreen or from your dermatologist closely to ensure you are applying and reapplying sunscreen effectively and frequently enough. Don't discount the benefit of hats/umbrellas and choosing to do activities at times of the day when the sun is the most intense.
New Return to School Policy in Place Effective 4/17
Monday, April 17 when we return from spring break the new return to school policy takes effect. Physician notes/negative Covid tests will no longer be part of the requirements for return to school. Please check the handbook for details.