Clinic Communications

Sick Policy Reminders
With general upper respiratory crud circulating (and yes, a Covid outbreak in one of our classrooms), it is a good opportunity to remind families of our illness policy at school. Students who are out of school for ANY illness symptoms (including headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, congestion, fever, body aches, etc.) must meet the following criteria to return to school:
Students must be fever/vomit free for at least twenty four hours without the use of fever reducing/antiemetic medications, AND must EITHER a note clearing them from a healthcare provider to return to school OR a negative covid test (a home test is sufficient) prior to returning to school or school-affiliated extra curriculars (including CYO basketball, Catholic Schools Week activities, play practice, etc.).
Communicating with the Clinic
Please bookmark the clinic email address as [email protected]. Because Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Burnside share the job of staffing the clinic, the best way to get in touch with the nurse in her official capacity is through this email. Because Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Burnside both have students at the school you may have access to their personal contact information, but they request that you route school clinic communication through the [email protected] email address to ensure we don't miss important information.
It is equally important that an adult be available for clinic/school emergency contact during all school hours. Technology mercifully allows us to silence and ignore calls from unknown numbers. Please ensure you are not accidentally ignoring school calls, which can appear on caller ID with a variety of numbers, but always with the 703-528 exchange. Have you recently changed jobs or changed phones? Please update your contact information in both PowerSchool and Magnus.
Hearing and Vision Screening TOMORROW January 26
If you are the parent of a K, 3, or 7th grade student and would like them to participate in the hearing and vision screenings tomorrow offered in partnership with the Lions Club, please ensure your student has returned a signed permission slip. Students without signed permission slips will not be screened.