Bishop Burbidge to visit STM

On February 2nd, as a way of showing his support for the vocation of Catholic education, His Excellency Bishop Burbidge will visit Saint Thomas More Cathedral School. As an added bonus, his visit coincides with Catholic Schools Week! While we are lucky to have him as our neighbor and see him often, this visit is planned, as he visits each school in the Diocese on a rotating basis. We look forward to spending time with the Pastor of our Cathedral.
At 9am, we will have an all-school Mass celebrated by His Excellency. Following Mass, he will visit the school and classrooms to speak with students. While we are grateful for Fr. Dansereau’s visits to classrooms, this visit is an extra special treat in which each child will have the opportunity to meet with the Bishop and ask questions with their classmates.
Students will then be released at 11:30 am, at which time the Faculty and Staff of our wonderful school are granted their opportunity to meet with and speak with His Excellency during a luncheon.