Curriculum Corner

Interim Time for 1st-8th Grade

What are they and who gets them?

Interims are progress reports for your child given out mid-trimester and are coming this Friday, January 20, 2023. This is a great check-in and opportunity to have a conversation with your child about school - how they think it’s going, how their teacher thinks it’s going, and to set goals for the next 8 weeks or so before report cards go home on March 17.

Interims vary a bit by grade, so please see how they work for your children below:

1st-3rd Grade:

You will receive a report regarding your child’s progress towards expectations for Trimester 2 in the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Behavior/Social Skills
  • Organization/Work Habits

4th-8th Grade:

You may view your child’s grades on PowerSchool at any time. Please be sure the settings within your app are on T2 (for Trimester 2).

You will receive a behavior/social skills and study skills/organization/work habits report from your teachers, indicating whether your child is currently meeting or exceeding expectations or if this is an area of growth.

Please sign and return these interims to let the teachers know you received them! 

Any questions or concerns? Here’s how to handle it:

  1. Email the teacher. If your child sees a different teacher for that particular subject, email both the subject teacher and your homeroom teacher so that both are aware of your question.
  2. Give at least 24 solid hours to teachers to respond to your emails. When I was full-time in the classroom, I explained to Mr. Stocker that I was essentially in meetings all day - my clients are the children! Teachers can and will check their email during their prep times (30-45 minutes per day) or their lunch time (40 minutes per day) but, generally speaking, will answer them before or after school. Thank you for your patience so that we can focus on your child while they are here!
  3. Once you have spoken to the teacher(s), you are also always welcome to reach out to me for further general clarification and/or perspective. You can reach me here.