MITE Boxes

This year our STM school community will participate in a special Advent service to help love others and Jesus this Advent Season. Do you remember the coins and dollar bills students collected during Lent in those rice boxes? Do you remember making a donation to help those in need?


Well, each family will receive a MITE BOX and you get to do the same thing as we have done in the past for Lent but this time it will be for ADVENT. A mite is a small coin or sum of money. You are encouraged to give coins or dollar bills to help our brothers and sisters in other countries who are in need. 

Mite boxes are an opportunity to do something for others. Please take your mite box home and fill it with coins or dollar bills this Advent.


Bring it back to school by Friday, December 16. Students will get to put the Advent box into the Collection basket at Mass and then we will give the money to those in need this Christmas.