Clinic Communications

Every STM student has an account within Magnus, our HIPAA-compliant electronic health record (EHR) system. Much like the "portal" or MyChart that you may have with your care providers, Magnus is STM's primary conduit of communication related to clinic visits. In an emergency, the phone numbers listed in Magnus are the first ones we will call; in non-urgent situations, it is the way you will access notes from the nurse about why your child was seen in the clinic that day. Typically, you will get an email letting you know there is an update about your child in Magnus to alert you to log in and see any new notes. Only the STM nurses have access to the private health information submitted to Magnus. 
Magnus is also the nurses' primary source of health information on your child, so it is critical for the health and safety of your student that the background information you have provided (particularly in the Confidential Health History update) is thorough and accurate. Knowing the health history of a student can be all the difference in urgency in how we respond to a situation.
If your family was at STM for the last two years, it's likely you still have the Magnus app on your phone and your username and password readily available. If this is your first year at STM since the rollout of Magnus, please download the app today. Double check that the information you completed in July or August is still accurate, especially emergency contact numbers, email addresses for alerts, and the health information about your child(ren). While we are done with Daily Health Attestations, Magnus still plays a very important role in helping us partner with you to keep students safe and healthy.